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19 April 2012 @ 02:14 am
100 Fics That I Love - #003  

100 Fics That I Love #003

I was going to choose something different at first for this one, but I haven't had the time to reread that one yet. But I don't want to get out of the habit of posting a new one of these every few days. So here's a general fic that I love.

It's called Back to Where We Were
Rating: I'd say G, really.
Summary: For the prompt: After Sam gets his soul back, Dean's become even more mother hen than usual (always watching Sam, asking if he's okay, even the occasional "non-chick flick" hug or pat on the back). Sam, still in his 5x18-5x22 mindset because of the wall blocking his memories, is extremely confused. He can't understand why Dean's so, well ... brotherly, after their downhill relationship the last couple of years, but he can't bring it up in case it makes Dean's behaviour stop. Bonus for Dean figuring this out without Sam telling him and assuaging his fears.

It's a hurt!Sam comment!fic that, obviously, takes place after Sam is resouled in Season 6.

Some of the things I love about it specifically:

- It's in Sam's POV. Funnily enough, a ton of hurt!Sam fics are in Dean's POV. And there isn't anything wrong with that, they're awesome. But I love getting a look in Sam's head, and I don't think this prompt could have been done any other way because we would lose that emotional kick.

- The voices. I read this and can hear the boys so clearly in my head. This is something [personal profile] authoressnebula does amazingly well in all of the fics I've read from her, and this fic is no exception.

- This feels like something that could happen in canon. It's something I'd wished they would have touched on in Season 6, even if it would have been hard to show. Sam didn't remember anything after jumping into the pit, so it makes sense for him to still be in Season 5 mindset, where Dean doesn't trust him and he can't trust himself and the weight of the world is on his shoulders. And the author makes it feel real, feel like something we might see between the brothers in the show.

- It feels in character. I know it seems like 'voice' and 'in character' are the same, at least in my descriptions of why I like them. But I need to put this one in anyways. Because the interactions with Sam and Dean, where there's something there but they don't talk about it? That's just like the boys on the show. And when they do finally talk about the issue, it doesn't end up overly sappy or under-emotional. And yeah, I just love that.

- The boys are brothers again. Fic has been necessary to bring the brotherly bond back since Show cracked it in Season 4, shattered it in Season 5, and made an even bigger mess of it in the first half of Season 6. I love Sam and Dean being Sam'n'Dean again, even if Sam is confused and angsty about it at first because I miss that in the show so much.

- The Princess Bride reference. 'Nuff said.

How's that for my first general fic mention? Hee. I have read this fic more times that I have kept track of. At least six now, I think. It's so good for when I need a hurt!Sam fix with enough of a resolution at the end to leave me satisfied. So, yes. This is another fic that I love. :D

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