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23 April 2012 @ 03:57 pm
100 Fics That I Love - #004  


100 Fics That I Love #004

Yay! Time for another one of these. And it's my first one that isn't from the Supernatural fandom. :D It's a pre-slash fic that I just roll around for every time I read it.

It's called Promise
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Pre-slash Clark/Lex
Rating: PG
Summary: Clark graduates then foils an assassination attempt, and Lex always keeps his promises.

I didn't discover this one until last year when I became obsessed with Clex fic. It was a future!fic when it was first written and published. There was no Rift between Clark and Lex. It takes place after Clark has graduated from high school and Lex invites him to come to Metropolis for the weekend.

- Their relationship. I just adore Clex fic where Clark and Lex stay best friends. They really could have been the stuff of legends. Even though I knew when watching the show that they had to become enemies, I always dreaded it because Lex was probably the best friend Clark could have (beyond Chloe once she matured a bit). And Clark was a good influence on Lex, and could have continued to be if not for all the lies/secrets that had to be between them. This fic shows all of that.

- The way they protect each other. Protective!Clark is kind of his default setting, but it doesn't always shine through in fic. And when they were friends, Lex was protective of Clark, too (even as he was insanely curious about him). This fic gives me BOTH of them being protective over each other and it just makes me melt. MELT.

- Smart!Clark. Yep. I have a thing for Clark being smart because he didn't come across as unintelligent in the show for me, so much as overemotional at times (with how he reacted to things I guess?). And I have rarely found fics that showcase how he actually knows what he's doing and this fic gives me confident, smart!Clark who is also still a dork and adorable.

- Lex. I like how the author writes Lex's character. How he believes that he isn't a good man (and on a side bit, how Clark believes he truly is good inside) and does things for Clark to make sure he still has his only friend in the world. He's smart and strong and there's that hint of darkness to him that Lex can't be written without. So in character for early seasons!Lex, who was trying to get out from under his father's thumb and wanted to prove that he could be someone better. I just, guh. I love it.

- The fact that it kept me engaged the entire time knowing there would be no slash. This probably won't matter to the people who don't care for slash. I read gen and I read pre-slash and I read slash. They can all keep my interest depending on the pairing and the story. This is a pre-slash story that kept me squeeing and laughing and awww'ing and I didn't feel like anything was taken away from it for not having them get together yet.

Yeeeep. Those are some of the things I liked about this fic and I'm sure there are more. It's one that I've gone back to reread multiple times (as seems to be a trend with these, hee). So this has been another fic that I love. :D

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