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24 August 1989
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Hey there!

I'm Willow. I've been using this journal for fanfiction since I discovered SPN fanfiction back in Season 4. I've been watching the show since Pilot aired, but hadn't actually thought about fanfiction beyond what I'd occasionally read in the HP fandom (back when I didn't even know what a fandom was, lol).

I used to read primarily Gen and Sam/Dean fic, but then I discovered Sam/Gabriel. It started as a guilty pleasure that turned into my full-blown OTP without my even realizing it.

That's what you'll find a majority of in my journal: Sam/Gabriel fiction. But I've written multiple pairings, all of which can be found in my Masterlist of Fics. Feel free to check that, or my tags, out at your leisure. :D

Transformative Works Policy

I'm more than open to my works being podficced. Feel free to create any fanart/fanmixes/banners/icons based on any of my fics. Read one of my fics and have a hankering to write a sequel/continuation based on the characters/universe? Go right ahead. I am also fine with people wanting to translate any of the fics in a different language. I'd love if you passed along a link so that I can squee over your fanwork. ^-^

I'm the main mod over at sabriel_mini, the Sam/Gabriel | Sam&Gabriel Mini Bang Challenge community.

I'm always open to taking prompts for any pairings you'll find in my tags. I don't guarantee that I'll write anything for it, but it's always nice to have different ideas and prompts to work from when I'm stuck.

I'm a total Sam&Jared-girl. I'll ship Sam with just about anyone (except Ruby 2.o). The same goes for Jared, lol.

I'm mainly into slash, and that's what I write myself, but I do read the occasional het-fic. I just don't write it often except in my own Original works, none of which I've posted online.

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